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Located in the small city of New Haven in Connecticut, Yale University is one of the oldest and most respected universities in the world. The Yale Shuttle is a free bus service for the students as well as faculty and staff of Yale University.
It services routes connecting the main campus of Yale university to the main train station in New Haven and the residential neighbourhood of East Rock where a number of staff and students live in off campus accommodation.
Yale University
Founded in 1701 Yale is one of the United States’ famed Ivy League university. It is a multi-disciplinary world class university, offering undergraduate, postgraduate and advanced research programs in a number of disciplines including medicine, law, the dramatic arts and business. For this reason, Yale draws over 12,000 students every year, including 4400 international students.
The total Yale community is made up of over 20,000 students, faculty members and staff who need to access the campus on a daily basis. There is a limited amount of housing on campus. This is primarily provided for the 5,400 undergraduates. The remainder of the Yale community has to live off campus. Many opt to live in nearby East Rock, some, particularly faculty even community from nearby towns in the state of Connecticut. For this reason, the Yale Shuttle was introduced to provide a free bus service for the Yale community, to get them to and from campus every day.
About the Yale Shuttle services
The Yale Shuttle collectively refers to all the day, night and weekend services operated for staff, students and faculty of Yale. This complimentary service is not available to general members of the public or tourists. The Shuttle connects Yale University’s main campus to the New-Haven Train Station, and to the neighbourhood of East Rock. The Shuttle also transports people around the Yale campus itself.
The Yale Shuttle runs on most days of the year, excluding on the following major American national holidays: New Year’s Eve (not a national holiday), the Memorial Day, the New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, the Independence Day and the following Friday; Christmas Eve as well as on Christmas Day.
The Yale Shuttle operates four main routes on three different schedules. The routes are: to New Haven station; to East Rock; to the Yale New-Haven Hospital; and to the West Campus. Schedules are detailed below.
Yale Shuttle schedules
Day services -The Yale Shuttle’s day time service is available from Monday to Friday between 7am and 6pm. Up to date schedule details and stops can be downloaded from the Yale website, or from the main reception on the university’s campus.
Night services -This night service provides free transport around the Yale campus most days of the year between 6pm and 6am.
Weekend services -On the Weekend the Yale Shuttle operates a very limited schedule of only four buses a day. this is two buses to campus in the morning, and two buses from the campus at the end of the day in the late afternoon. The weekend services operate on strictly fixed and limited schedule.
Yale Shuttle Special Services Van
The Yale Shuttle also runs a Special Services Van for those with permanent disability or those who have been temporarily injured. This Van service is available on request 24 hours a day on shuttle operating days. It can transport any member of the Yale community between any two points within the shuttle service area.

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